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The Raspberry Pi web server, which hosts my minetest mods along with having guides to help people learn how to set-up a raspberry pi and use GNU/Linux.


To That Raspberry Pi server

What’s a Raspberry PI?

A raspberry pi is a range of small pocket sized single-board Computers build and developed by the raspberry pi foundation. The original aim of the Raspberry pi is to help people learn how program and use GNU/Linux. Due to the low price and somewhat powerful computer the raspberry pi can be used for projects or as a home server.

The Raspberry pi foundation has a large range of fun activities which you can do with your Pi. However if you want to do something useful with your pi you can choose one of the guides below.

If you are interested in getting one you can get one for the Raspberry Pi Website.

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Get Started

before you start you will need to setup your raspbery pi. Below are some guides to help you do this.

Setting Up Your Pi

Learn how to get your pi up and running and install the Operating System

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Configure Your Pi

Configure Your Raspbery Pi so that you can access it remotely and make the device secure

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Basic Commands

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Learn The Basics and Setup

Learn the basics, and find out how to get your raspbery pi up and running.

This Will Cover

‣ Setting up your Pi
Find out what you need and how to get everything ready for the Pi

‣ Configure the OS on your Pi
How to configure the Operating System on your Raspbery pi

‣ The Basics
Find out how to get around the GNU/Linux Operating System

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Linux and Servers

When everything has been setup you can now put it to use. Below are some guides to help you do this.

Apache Web Server

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Samba File Server

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Linux Commands

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Install Software for the server

Learn the how to turn your Pi into a cheap Server.

This Will Cover

‣ Setting Up Apache2
Turn your Raspbery pi into a web server so you can make your own website

‣ Samba File Server
Access any files on your network with your Raspbery Pi

‣ Linux Commands
More on commands for the GNU/Linux Operating System

You Can See more on our Guides Page.

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